Who We Support

Saint Timothy’s Catholic Church supports the Society of St. Vincent de Paul.


Inspired by Gospel values, the Society of St. Vincent de Paul, a Catholic lay organization, leads women and men to join together to grow spiritually by offering person-to-person service to those who are needy and suffering in the tradition of its founder, Blessed Frédéric Ozanam, and patron, St. Vincent de Paul.




Organized locally, Vincentians witness God’s love by embracing all works of charity and justice. The Society collaborates with other people of good will in relieving need and addressing its causes, making no distinction in those served because, in them, Vincentians see the face of Christ.

Mission Lutheran Church supports 7 local and international charities. We have been working alongside these organizations for years and they have improved the quality of life for hundreds of thousands of people all around the world. Read more about the below.

Plant With Purpose

Plant With Purpose is partnering with churches and farmer’s groups in the mountainous border region of Fonds Verettes, Haiti, to address the severe problems of poverty, environmental degradation, and spiritual need. Plant With Purpose’s work impacts over 2,500 people in the ten villages of this very neglected area. We have found that the local people are especially enthusiastic to improve their community- they just need the tools to turn their dreams into reality. Our mission statement, “we teach, we plant, we create enterprise and we share the gospel,” reflects the four primary tools we use to break the vicious cycle of poverty, deforestation, and hopelessness.

Rising Tide

Mission Lutheran can help build the future of foster youth in Orange County by breaking the cycle of child abuse and by, most importantly, introducing youth to a caring God. Rising Tide Communities is a housing program that changes lives, teaches youth to be self-sufficient, and connects youth with a caring community.


Free Wheelchair Mission

Mission Lutheran’s goal is to provide 900 wheelchairs for the disabled, whom society often forgets, though God never does.



Forest Home

The Forest Home Military Guest Program allows those from all branches of service to get away from their base to a retreat setting within 60 days of returning from deployment. Under the guidance of military chaplains, the desire is to give the personnel and their families a place of quiet solitude away from the strict discipline and lifestyle of being on the base or the war front. Chaplains use biblical principals as the foun- dation of their teaching and counsel, though the vast majority of the attendees are not Christian. This program presents an incredible opportunity to show what faith in God can do to help people live in peace and joy in spite of life’s circumstances.


We are so encouraged about this opportunity to partner with Mission Lutheran Church. Your contribution has the potential to enable 120 at-risk, low-income, youth from Kindergarten through 12th grade to take part in our spiritual development and enrichment programs each year for three years. Programs include summertime VBS, year-round youth group, Teen Leadership Academy, and a new program called Community Changers, where youth learn to give back by doing hands-on service projects in their local community. The designated contributions from MLC would fund our spiritual development programs for 120 children from grades K-12 each year for three years.

Cure International

It’s not an overstatement to call ourselves CURE International.  Our goal is to bring 100% physical and spiritual healing to children with disabilities in the developing world.  Since 1998, at our eleven hospitals and dozens of clinics throughout the developing world, we have been transforming the lives of children with hydrocephalus, cleft lip and palate, spine deformities, clubfoot, and other crippling orthopedic conditions. Their conditions are treatable, but without CURE, they have nowhere to turn for proper care. These children and their families often feel great shame and face rejection from their relatives and communities. At CURE, they find acceptance and hope as our hospital staff members express God’s love for them.

Acres of Love

The funds will enable and empower the Acres of Love social workers and caregivers in South Africa to accept and process exceptionally complicated placement cases.  Acres of Love will be able to place infants and children requiring lifesaving and life sustaining emergency medical attention, children with advanced TB and AIDS, children with cancer, children who have suffered physical abuse, and children who may have special needs like down syndrome, cerebral palsy, and general special needs, into necessary care.